Meet and Code Award

The Meet and Code Award presents and honors the most successful event ideas. The goal is to inspire others to do the same in the next years, because digital education is so important. We're looking for the best ideas in the following categories.

How can I participate at the Meet and Code Award 2020?


Step 1: Registration 

Every validated Meet and Code event can participate in the Meet and Code Award. When submitting an event, you can choose one of the categories, that best matches your event. 

Step 2: Jury Selection  

After a preselection of best events for each country by the local TechSoup partner, the Jury will carefully choose the three finalists, including the winners, of the five categories according to the corresponding criteria. The winners of the categories will be announced at the Award Weekend. 

Invitation to the Meet and Code Award Weekend and Prize Money 

The top 3 events of each category are the finalists of the Meet and Code Award 2020. Two representatives of the nonprofit organization, that organized the finalists’ events, will be invited to the Award Weekend. The Award Weekend will take place in the beginning of 2021 in Europe. The five winning events will each receive prize money in the amount of 2.000 €. 

Award Categories 2020

The five categories of the Meet and Code Award 2020 are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meet and Code is looking for events that contribute to those goals and combine them with the idea of IT and Coding.

Girls do IT!

Gender equality plays an important role in today’s modern and
inclusive society. This award category aims to help close the
gender gap in IT and Coding. We are looking for creative events
that breakdown gender stereotypes and empower girls in coding.
Events in this category could, for example, focus on sparking the
interest and fun in programming, especially among girls, while
including parents to support awareness of gender bias in tech

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Commitment to diversity is critical to individual and organizational success, and by embracing different perspectives we are made stronger by our combination of culture, religious and ethnic origin, age, gender, and sexual orientation. In the Diversity category, we seek ideas that inspire children and young people for a world with equal opportunities. We also extend this to mental and physical abilities and different living and working conditions . For example , this could address juvenile prisoners, or focus on IT for people with vision and hearing impairments.

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Code for the Planet

Did you know that you can track bees by means of modern
technology? We are looking for events that combine coding and
actions for the planet. All coding events that improve climate
change education through raising awareness on this topic are of
valuable contribution to SDG 13. Examples of events in this
category could deal with air pollution measurement or tools for
energy efficiency.

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A local community is a safety net for its people. Events of this
category take the local aspects and customs into consideration
and think about community specific needs. The events should
creatively unite and foster cohesion among people and
neighborhoods with similar interests and goals through the
passion to “meet and code”! Events in this category could for
example work on a platform for your area.

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Code for Europe

Working together is extremely important, especially when it comes to overcoming difficulties and challenges posed by EU digitization. Closely linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #17 Partnerships for the Goals this category seeks to initiate cross border collaboration between companies and unite children of different backgrounds and locations through Meet and Code events. Events in this category include; safe and responsible online media use, looking at ways we can bring different nationality children & youth together, tackling disinformation and combating fake news, and creative solutions that deal with today’s digital  challenges across Europe.

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