Robotics for Girls 2019


Description We provide a Community Library Service in Stokesley, North Yorks. We have only one paid member of staff & depend on a large team of volunteers (over 100) & various sources of grant funding for our continued existence. For more than two years we have provided a full range of library services to our community & we continue to expand our services whenever possible, including events & facilities for people of all ages, sex & abilities in everything we do.
During EU Code Week & in the following weeks, we would like to take a significant extra step by starting a Robotics Club for up to 24 young people, both boys and girls, aged between 10 & 24. Members of the new club & Globe volunteers will work together, to build a number of remote controlled robots from scratch, using basic parts, then further developing the technology to make a 6-axis robotic arm capable of performing a range of complex tasks. The project will be designed and coded by the young people, at least half of whom will be female. As the Club continues, young people will learn the benefits of working together to develop and use coding to create complex robotic devices.


Age group 10 - 24


Type Offline-Event

Date 08.10.2019    16:00 - 17:30
15.10.2019    16:00 - 17:30

Address 1 Town Close
TS9 5DH Stokesley

Max. Participants 24 You want to take part in? Please contact our local contact person.

Participation is free.
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