Our Mission

We support local nonprofits across Europe to provide access to coding and digital skills for the next generation of young Europeans.

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Létrehozva: 28.02.2020 We're hiring! We are searching for a Junior Communication Specialist to join our Team in Warsaw #meetandcode
Létrehozva: 09.12.2019 Finalists of Meet and Code Award 2019 The Jury selected 12 exceptional events whose organisers llustrated how tech can improve lives #meetandcode #SAP #Awards
Létrehozva: 25.11.2019 Meet and Code Impact 2019 This year, in cooperation with the University of Mannheim we were able to measure the impact of our initiative on participants and organisations. #meetandcode


This year we have already supported 1221 events in 25 European countries. Click the blue icon on the map to learn more about workshops planned for the EU Code Week 2019.

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